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The groom leaves his suit at home when the wedding venue is two hours away. He has to turn around on the way to the venue and go back to get it, making him late for the rehearsal. That same rehearsal? It drizzles the entire time in the outdoor ceremony space. That same ceremony space? Guests will later occupy it and ignore the couple’s wireless ceremony requests. And what will those guests take illicit photographs of during the ceremony? The bride’s improperly placed veil snagging on the brick aisle and ripping off her head while she’s halfway to her future husband.

That wedding? It’s mine.

But you know what? Nowadays, those are all funny memories that made our day unique. That being said, it’s my goal to make sure those mishaps don’t happen during your day. However, I’m not the rainmaker (although I certainly wouldn’t have you practice outside in the rain!) and I can’t be in your house to make sure the groom grabbed his suit. The wedding jitters get the best of us all; my husband included. What I can do is make sure any mishaps are handled smoothly, with grace, and, if appropriate, a touch of humor. Ideally, without the couple even knowing anything was awry.

That being said, the flaws during my wedding weekend had a part in shaping my current view of weddings. Our wedding is still one of my favorite days, but I recognize that it’s a stepping stone in the grand scheme of a relationship, not the peak itself. The bottom line is that weddings are just a day; don’t blow money you don’t have and don’t get caught up in the minute details. It’s so easy to do. When you’re overwhelmed, it’s important to step back and look at the day from a 30,000-foot view. I repeat: it’s just a day. You’ve got a lifetime of adventure ahead of you as a pair.

You’re probably thinking, “Why would a wedding planner tell me not to worry about my wedding day? Don’t they, of all people, believe weddings are your best day ever?” You’re right. These are all weird things for a wedding planner to say. In the wedding space lives a grey area. I adore weddings for so many reasons; namely, they are a chance to celebrate your love with your dearest people and capture the type of memories that make life truly incredible. I tear up during each wedding I’ve coordinated as an assistant in the past because weddings are a true emblem of absolute joy, passion, and the beautiful parts of being human. I so deeply care about making sure you get that day and have those memories. After all, life is short, so live it well.

However, I want you to remember: your wedding is one day.

I’d love for you to be able to focus on the continual building of your relationship during your engagement. According to Martha Stewart, wedding planning will easily eat up a minimum of 200-300 hours of your life. I want you to use this time to do things you both love and to work on your post-wedding future together. If wedding planning is something you’d love to do, then I’ll happily act as a sounding board (A.K.A. your wedding BFF) and step in during the final month so that you can live in the moment.

I’m here for you. I’m here to guide you through the planning process, make sure your wedding day achieves the vision you had as a child playing dress up, and help you think about what lies beyond the wedding day. Your love, your wedding day, and your future are important to me. Let’s get to planning.

Oh, and I’ll make sure your veil is properly placed in your hair.

Bride and groom on their wedding day

Photography by Clara Ann, owner of Be A Peach Boudoir